Frequently Asked Questions

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DN3 Liquidations is a Third-Party Reseller and has no affiliation with the direct manufacturers or brands of any of the products being auctioned. All auctioned products are in 'Open Box Condition' unless otherwise noted in the item's description. None of the items being auctioned are being presented as Brand New, New From Manufacturer, Factory New, Etc.

What is a proxy bid?

A proxy bid is when bidders set a maximum price that they would be willing to pay for an item. The online auction then automatically places the smallest bid for them to keep the lead. If the maximum is reach, no more bids will be automatically placed. This allows bidders to win an auction at the lowest possible price without going over their maximum.

What is popcorn bidding?

Popcorn bidding happens as a auction is about to close. As long as someone places a bid within the last 2 minutes of auction close, the auction will extend for an additional 2 minutes. The auction will finish once an additional bid has not been placed for 2 minutes or the the maximum amount of popcorn bids (20 Bids) has been place.

Why was my order cancelled?

All items must be paid for within 4 days of being declared the winner. Failure to pay for won item(s) will result in all items being forfeited and a ban from all future auction participation.

When can I pick-up my order?

All paid orders are able to be picked up immediately during our business hours Wed - Sun, 10am - 5pm. All items must be picked up within 7 days of purchase or they will be forfeited without refund. 

Where do I pick-up my order?

Items must be picked up at our Fort Myers store.

16850 South Tamiami Trail, Fort Myers, FL 33908

Can I have my order shipped?

All items can be shipped at the cost of the winner unless otherwise noted. You may choose to have an item shipped during checkout. Items are shipped Wednesday - Saturday. No items will be shipped on Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday.

How many days do I have to pick-up my item(s)?

All items must be picked-up within 7 days of purchase or they will be forfeited without refund.

Can I return an item?

In most cases all sales are final. There are some exceptions. Review our 'Auction Rules' section for more information on our Return Policy.

How do I pay for my items?

All items must be paid for in the 'My Account' section.

Another bidder and I bid the same amount, why did I lose the auction?

In the event of am ending bid tie, the win goes to the earliest placed proxy bid.